Christenson Gerr

Christenson Gerr

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What one of our BlinkSurf team riders says about the Gerr:

This board is great when the waves are good.

I ordered my Christenson Gerr with red rails, channel bottom and a carbon strip. (Dims: 6 3 20 3/4 2 3/4)

It came out feeling a little bit chunkier than I was expecting based on the other Christenson models I have. Maybe the channels and the carbon patch make it heavier. The glass feels solid.

They don’t state the volume but it’s probably somewhere around 38.5 liters, making it little on the semi step-up side of my volume range.

The nose is narrow and the wide point is more in the middle part of this board. The tail is a mild swallow compared to a twin fin. It is like a round tail with a chunk taken from it. It rides like a longer board.

It has plenty of rocker in the nose and only medium rocker in the tail.

On the underside, the nose goes from a slight rolled entry to a single concave into a deep concave with 4 channels. I got futures which makes it a 4 channel. If you get fcs1 you can have six channels.

The best fins for this board are the new John John futures. They feel super smooth.

The wave range for this board is big. It works in anything from 1-2 foot beach break slop through to 7-foot punchy point break waves.